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Virtual travel to Porto Portugal which is a beautiful city that has much to offer in terms of culture, history, and food. If you’re looking for ways to spend your day in this amazing city, then read on! We will discuss the best places to visit during the day and what it’s like at night. So put on your walking shoes because we are going exploring Porto Portugal together!

Porto is a city located in the north of Portugal. It’s well known for its wine production, stunning architecture, and delicious food. If you’re looking to spend a day in this beautiful city, then we have some ideas for you!

If you are new to Huvr you can virtually travel to Porto in real-time and begin experiencing it for yourself by hiring a local Walker on the ground who can give you the inside scoop of all the happenings right from your mobile device through Virtual Travel.

Start your morning by visiting one of the local markets. There are several markets located throughout the city, so you’re sure to find one close by. At the markets, you can purchase fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and breads. You can also find local handicrafts and souvenirs at the markets.

After visiting the market, head to one of the city’s many historical sights. Some of our favorites include the Dom Luis I Bridge, the Porto Cathedral, and the São Bento Railway Station. Be sure to also wander through the city’s charming streets and admire the beautiful architecture.

Huvr offers some really cool destinations for virtual travel in Porto.  You might consider visiting the Clerigos Tower, Crystal Palace Gardens, Gaia Pier, the Ribeira-douro Riverside or the Sao Bento train station mentioned above.

Crystal Palace Gardens

Designed in the 19th century Crystal Palace Gardens boast amazing scenery at every turn with winding walkways, bright flora garden beds, statues, bubbling fountains and breathtaking panoramic views of Porto and the Douro River. Virtual travel here!

Clerigos Tower


Clerigos Tower (Torre dos Clerigos in Portuguese) is the tallest bell tower in Portugal. It stands 249 ft (76 meters) tall and climbing its 200 steps will give you a privileged view over the city and the river.

Gaia Pier

Gaia Pier is one of the historic places of Gaia, a town that has developed due to the famous Port Wine, as this was for many years the fluvial harbour where merchandise were exported and imported.

Ribeira-Douro Riverside

Beautiful views of Porto can be seen from this area across the Douro River and near the amazing double-deck metal arch bridge called the Dom Luis I bridge, which connects the two cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. With Huvr virtual travel is possible to this destination!

Sao Bento Train Station

Built on the former site of a Benedictine monastery, the Sao Bento Railway Station was inaugurated in 1916; today, trains pass through here carrying travelers between Porto and many of its northern suburbs.  What’s notable about this landmark is its 20,000 some painted blue and white tile panels (known as azulejo) that highlight the history of Portugal.

Explore for a moment or take the scenic experience, you can do that simply, safely and travel virtually in Porto with Huvr right from your mobile device.

In the afternoon, take a break from sightseeing and enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of Porto’s many restaurants. The city has an amazing culinary scene, so you are sure to find several restaurants that appeal to your tastes. If possible, try and sit outside during your meal so you can enjoy the gorgeous weather!

To end the day on a sweet note, take time for an afternoon dessert at one of Porto’s many cafes. The city has some delicious pastries that pair perfectly with a cup of coffee. Porto is well known for its egg tarts, so you simply can’t leave Portugal without trying one!

By the end of your day in Porto, we’re sure that you will already be planning your next trip to this wonderful city (and hopefully not just for a single day). The best part about Porto is that you can explore the city in whatever way works best for your schedule. If spending a long day exploring Porto sounds like something you would enjoy, then check out our app to travel there virtually. With many destinations offered and more to come, Huvr has you covered!

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