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Open your Business to the World with Virtual Experiences

Huvr Pro is a full feature platform that connects you to and converts more global customers in a truly unique way.

The New Way To Market Your Business

Huvr Pro is a real-time video streaming & marketing platform connecting brands to their audience via virtual tours, events, and customized experiences.

Provide Virtual Experiences That Engage

Huvr Pro expands your brand offering, generates more leads, and positions your business to access a robust worldwide market for customer acquisition.

Huvr real-time virtual experiences are unlike anything on the market today.

This is not Zooming or pre-recorded video production… Huvr Pro technology gives power to your audience to do things differently… the power to connect to your brand in real-time while saving their videos to watch again or show to their friends.

Virtual Experiences

Ideas for using the Huvr Pro Platform

Here are a few creative ways our clients use Huvr Pro to enhance their business and operations.

Tools and Data

We built a simple but powerful User Experience that gives you the tools and data you are looking for to grow your business.

Instant Access to the Data You Need

Huvr Pro collects data on every person viewing your real-time virtual events and provides instant access for your brand.

All Data in One Place

  • Data is collected as users log in to the app and schedule themselves to view your live virtual tours.
  • Further data, such as live Q&A per user is collected during the events and is also made available to you.

Simple Yet Powerful Tools

Huvr Pro has a meaningful set of tools designed to help you get started with virtual experiences quickly and efficiently without downloading or installing any software to your servers.


Tools to help you…


  • Organize your brand into meaningful tour destinations
  • Invite Brand Ambassadors who will conduct your tours using their mobile device
  • Schedule tours and mark them as private using an auto generated privacy code
  • Manage and download 100% of the data generated from your virtual experiences

A Platform for all Your Virtual Marketing Needs

  • Higher Education – student acquisition and augmenting the learning environment
  • Healthcare – Senior Living facilities for new resident acquisition
  • Real Estate – Live virtual tours of properties around the world
  • Travel & Tourism – Convention & Visitors Bureaus and Destination Marketing Organizations for attracting new tourists
  • Non-profits – Engaging and acquiring new donors and volunteers
  • Sports and Entertainment – Engaging fans virtually with tours and interviews
  • Surveillance – Real-time physical security surveillance
  • Conferences – Adding virtual attendees for keynotes, floor tours, and product demonstrations
  • Gig Economy – Real-time exploration of destinations around the world

What Makes Huvr Pro Different?

Huvr Pro is designed to put the power of virtual experiences in the hands of brands all over the world with minimal onboarding and learning required.

Friendly Interface

We have gone through a series of user-focused iterations of the Huvr Pro interface to make this the most user-friendly platform possible.

Extremely Flexible

The virtual experiences that you launch for your brand are only bound by the imagination of your team. The possibilities are endless.

Strong Encryption

We have partnered with an amazing team of coders to make sure the data and videos created on the platform meet our high security standards

How is Huvr Pro different from standard video applications?

  • Huvr Pro Brands obtain new data points for customer acquisition in real time. (name, email, telephone, location, virtual tour visited, questions asked, time on virtual tour).
  • Travelers, or people who join your virtual experience, can rewatch the videos, show them to friends, or cast them to their TV for rewatching.
  • Huvr Pro Brands can connect sponsorships to their virtual experiences.
  • Huvr Pro Brands can generate revenue by selling e-tickets to their virtual events.
  • You can become a reseller of the Huvr Pro Platform.
  • Huvr Pro Brands are granted instant access to 100% of the customer data from their virtual events.
  • Up to 5000 people from anywhere around the world can join your virtual event at one time and you collect data on all of them.


Your Ambassadors

Huvr Pro puts you in charge of your Brand Ambassadors. Ambassadors are people who work for you and understand your brand. They can be trained to provide the best possible virtual experience.

We even give your Brand Administrators access to all videos of your virtual tours. Use them for future trainings with new and existing Brand Ambassadors.

Chat between brands and customers

Huvr Pro gives you the ability to provide virtual experiences with up to 5000 customers or fans at the same time, all of whom can use the live video chat feature to post comments and questions during the tour.

Chat Features

  • Customers and fans can submit an unlimited number of questions and comments during the virtual experience
  • After the virtual tour is over, you can download the full chat transcript and import it, complete with the user IDs, so you know which customers were engaging and interacting with you regarding the virtual experience for personalized marketing follow-up.


Get started in under 30 minutes

  • Huvr Pro is ready to go.
  • Get started in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Count on platform support from our development team.
  • You can focus on Huvr Pro for marketing and customer acquisition.

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For more information about the Huvr Pro marketing platform and how it can enhance your business - contact us by completing the form. Our team will be in touch with you shortly.

Open your Business to the World with Virtual Experiences.

Huvr Pro is a full-featured platform that connects you to and converts more global customers, in a truly unique way.

Huvr Pro captures data critical to your marketing efforts – you will have meaningful data from every person who attends your virtual events.

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