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Government agencies can create a series of micro-training events that include multiple locations and trainers from around the world.

Enhanced Training

Huvr can be used for government training purposes.

With Huvr, trainers can be positioned in different locations around the world, providing a more comprehensive training experience for staff.

Agencies can create a series of micro-events that include multiple locations and trainers around the world.

Easy Access

The trainees, who can also be located anywhere around the world, can easily access all events in a single training.

Trainees will then have access to rewatch the training directly from their secured cloud account directly from their mobile device.

Valuable Training Data

End to End Encryption

Security from event creation to communication & data storage.

Total Control

You have total control of your events and your data.

Data Acquisition

Valuable data on training events and trainee participation.

Huvr is a registered company with the US Government SAM system.

Huvr’s Government division has programs to assist with increasing recruiting numbers, gathering intelligence, keeping virtual eyes on valuable human and physical assets, giving tours to State Department employees who are transitioning to new bases, acquiring valuable data points such as video, audio and geospatial from anywhere around the world, and much more.

Huvr Inc. is registered with SAM and is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB). In this division, we focus on working directly with Government Agencies and Contractors to focus on expanding different aspects of their operations using the Huvr technology.

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“Huvr” is a Registered Trademark of Huvr, Inc.