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Entertainment & Events

Utilize our Huvr Pro technology to hold entertainment and brand events to engage your customers and acquire critical data for remarketing.

A Marketing Breakthrough

for Brands Organizations Co-Branding

Huvr real-time virtual event experiences are unlike anything on the market today.

Entertainment Event - Huvr

Virtual Entertainment & Events

We’re the first fully encrypted virtual services platform, giving organizations the ability to quickly and efficiently create real-time virtual entertainment experiences and full-blown, ticketed events with as many as 15,000 viewers.

After attending an event, users will be part of the Huvr ecosystem – meaning thousands of people will be notified of new events on the platform, making Huvr attractive to potential advertisers and sponsorships.

Invaluable Data

The extensive data collection features of Huvr Pro allow brands to re-market to event attendees to expand their brand, offer in-app marketing incentives, and monetize events through strategic advertising placement for external advertisers.

  • Huvr Pro collects data on every person viewing your real-time virtual events and provides instant access for your brand.
  • Data is collected as users log in to the app and schedule themselves to view the live entertainment event.
  • Data points for customer acquisition in real-time (name, email, telephone, location, etc.).
  • Further data, such as live Q&A details collected during the events.
  • Instant access to 100% of the customer data from the virtual event dashboard.

Data Collection

Data is collected for every person viewing your entertainment event.

Data Points

Data points for customer acquisition in real-time (name, email, telephone, location, in-event behavior).

Specialized Data

Expanded data, such as live Q&A details collected during the events.

Co-Branding Opportunities

Our platform provides a turnkey solution to expand your brand and offers co-branding opportunities unlike anything on the market today.

Monetize your existing followers and new event attendees by partnering with external advertisers.

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Huvr Pro is the perfect way for customers, fans, and followers to engage virtually with organizations. Sign up today to find out how Huvr can benefit your company!

Open your Business to the World with Virtual Experiences.

Huvr Pro is a full-featured platform that connects you to and converts more global customers, in a truly unique way.

Huvr Pro captures data critical to your marketing efforts – you will have meaningful data from every person who attends your virtual events.

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