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It’s heating up at Huvr with virtual travel. You in?

To make Huvr more accessible in any setting we now present to Huvr travelers the opportunity to explore the world in real-time from their desktop in addition to the Huvr app on mobile devices. 

A little nugget, desktop devices remain very relevant, as they drove 53.3% of total time on sites in the U.S. and 46.4% of total time on sites globally as per the 2020 google analytics benchmark feature and data collected by Perficient. 

Huvr Walkers will be showcasing destinations on their mobile devices. 

You can also visit to get exploring for yourself!

If you are still wondering the many ways you can use Huvr, here are two common ones to get virtually traveling. 

1. Visit destinations on your bucket list, the reality…sometimes we just can’t do it all in a lifetime.  To fill the dream though you can with Huvr, hire your own private Huvr Walker on the ground to go exploring; or

2. Plan your next in-person adventure using Huvr. By hiring a Huvr Walker you can make sure you are getting what you truly expect, maybe you have a few places you want to go and not sure which to choose yet. That’s where we come in so you can invest your hard earned cash wisely on a destination that is perfect for you. 

There are so many other reasons to use our Huvr App but that’s a quick motivation to begin Huvr’ing! Let’s go!!

Download The Huvr App To Start Exploring From Your Laptop or Mobile Device LIVE!

Huvr Inc. Is a real-time Virtual Travel App that gives you the power and control to explore the world around you. From local destinations, historic attractions, media hotspots and public events. Start your Huvr journey now. 

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