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Huvr Inc has made it easy for gig economy workers to earn an income in many countries around the world.

Be your own boss…

All you need to get started is a smartphone and the Huvr app.

Being a Huvr Walker gives you the freedom and flexibility to get paid, exercise and have fun.

Huvr Walkers get paid up to $42 USD per hour by streaming real-time footage of hot destinations and attractions in their city for Huvr Travelers.

Who are Huvr Travelers?

They are Virtual Travelers on the Huvr app and they can be from anywhere around the world.

Huvr Travelers jump on the app: select a destination, then choose a Walker (that is you) and once you accept them you both go live.

Travelers also have the convenience to schedule a trip in advance. Making it easier for both travelers and Walkers to plan their day ahead.

*Huvr Walkers will only be able to receive a request and accept a trip, when online and near the Huvr destination.

Your role as a Huvr Walker

Is to take Huvr Travelers on a LIVE virtual experience. They may wish to discover new places from attractions, check out local events, maybe to view real estate or any fun hot spot right now.

Each experience can last from 10 minutes to 60 minutes, the traveler will select the trip time and has the option to extend.

Once the trip is complete the traveler will rate the experience, maybe even send a tip and you get paid.

It is that simple!

Gig Opportunities available in these Countries


And Brazil is soon to go, where you can download and register as a Huvr Walker!

Is your country listed?

Get started in 3 simple steps:

  1. Download the Huvr App on google play or the app store
  2. Register to become a Verified Walker
  3. Once you’re verified you can start earning an income.

For more information check out the Walker User Guide on our FAQ page

Country not listed?

Register your interest here.





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