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5 Fun Facts about Big Ben. Virtually travel there today!

Big Ben Fun Fact #1

Did you know that Big Ben was not the original name for this iconic clock? It is actually named after Sir Benjamin Hall, who oversaw the installation of the bells. The first bell to be installed was called “The Great Bell.” Originally, it was cracked during testing and they decided to call it “Big Ben” as a humorous reference to its size!

Big Ben Fun Fact #2

The clock has a pendulum that swings back and forth to control movement of the hands. If the clock happens to run fast an English penny is added to the pendulums. If it runs slow a penny is taken away. This practice is where the British idiom “Putting a penny on” came from.

Big Ben Fun Fact #3

Big Ben is not just a clock, but it is also an observatory. It was the first place in London to have a public telescope! You can still visit the observatory today and take a look at the stars.

Big Ben Fun Fact #4

One of the most interesting facts about Big Ben is how often it is featured in films. You can see the famous London landmark in seventeen Disney films including Peter Pan, 101 Dalmatians, The Parent Trap, A Christmas Carol, and most recently Mary Poppins Returns.

Big Ben Fun Fact #5

Finally, did you know that Big Ben weighs over 13 tons which is about twice the weight of a T-Rex! Its diameter is at 8.9 feet, while the hammer inside the bell weighs 441 pounds. It’s no wonder that it needs such a powerful bell to ring!

Do you have any other interesting facts about Big ben?

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