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Huvr, Inc. Acquires OpticSense


COLORADO SPRINGS, CO / ACCESSWIRE / January 5, 2023 / Huvr, Inc., a real-time, interactive video streaming and marketing platform connecting brands to their audience via virtual tours, events and customized experiences, announced today that it acquired OpticSense for an undisclosed amount of stock and cash.

Huvr, Inc., Thursday, January 5, 2023, Press release picture


The purpose of the acquisition is to add the Fiberoptic Ring Interferometer (FoRI) system to the HUVR Video Apps to create a smart, EMF-proof perimeter detection system. The system will be able to detect physical disturbances near the fiber, which will trigger the Huvr App to “go live” with mobile video.

The combined system will be able to be deployed from any small, portable container for a fraction of the cost of existing FoRI perimeter detection systems. Huvr will also be releasing two additional modalities of collection in the app that include static HD cameras as well as Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in the form of micro-drones also housing HD cameras.

The new functionality can be utilized for high-value and high-profile sites throughout the globe. The system is particularly attractive for small and medium size objects, infrastructures or fields, power grids, cell towers and more because of its low-cost/high-performance ratio. The biggest advantage of the solution over others is the low requirement for computing resources, low energy consumption, and wireless encrypted transmission of data. In comparison to the traditional methods of fence security, this technology reduces manpower costs to a great extent. The Fiberoptic Ring System is capable of determining the location of a disturbance with a high degree of accuracy and can even triangulate the direction of a projectile.

“Once the two technologies are fully integrated the security and intelligence applications are vast. We are confident that we can aid both a wide variety of customers with a system that can be highly beneficial for both supervised and autonomous system operation, creating substantial opportunities for us,” said Herman DeBoard, CEO of Huvr, Inc.

About Huvr

Huvr is a real-time, interactive video streaming & marketing platform connecting brands to their audience via virtual tours, events, and customized experiences. Virtual experiences can be public or private and come complete with cloud-based storage for viewing again and again. Huvr allows large enterprises, small businesses, and individuals alike to create real-time virtual events, invite up to 15,000 viewers and collect valuable data along the way. Our innovative virtual services platform is leading the way in Higher Education, Healthcare, Recruiting, Entertainment, and Government applications. Founded in 2019, Huvr is a private company and is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Huvr is a registered contractor with SAM and is an SDVOB. Visit and follow @huvrapp.

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